EDITORIAL Harmful Effects of Useless Knowledge

  • Anwar Ul Haque


Knowledge is the main fabric of everything in the universe. From the zillions of stars in the universe to the tiniest ultrastructure in our cells and atoms everything is governed by the knowledge. Of course, that reflects enormous knowledge of Allah ta’lah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. To compare His knowledge to our knowledge is like comparing the vast oceans to a mini drop of water on the beak of a bird who dips his beak in the water.1

Allah had bestowed ability and capacity in human being to acquire, retain and reproduce knowledge. Therefore, the very first revelation to the final divine book begins with “Read with the name of Thy Lord who created man from Alaq (Embryo) and read, thy Lord has shown great generosity Who taught man with pen and taught him what he knew not”.These verses were revealed to the man, the final messenger of Allah Muhammad ﷺ who never touched a physical pen as he was unlettered, not able to read or write, thus referring pen to broader context i.e., physical pen, pencil, chalk, camera, computers, molecules, DNA, and observations etc. The intellect given to man is also referred to as Sprit of the God, and after that inspiration everything is made to subject to human being with only exception of Iblis or Satan, who can’t be conquered by knowledge alone.Rather, he was given power to insert ideas in the human mind, so there began the greatest test for human how to protect himself from devilish ideas and how to live to his full potential as Governor on Earth. Power came with great responsibility.