About the Journal


ISSN (Print): 1810-0155

ISSN (Online): 2079-7516

Abbreviation: Int J Pathol

E-mail: editijp@gmail.com

Publication frequency: Quarterly

Source of support: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Vision & Mission Statement

IJP is a journal with a vision and a mission! Our vision and mission emanates from the most brilliant and glittering seven centuries of sciences (8th-14th centuries). Pathology is called the backbone of medicine, so IJP will InshaAllah be the backbone of modern medicine; a big claim indeed but that’s our vision and mission; towards which we are taking small steps with confidence and certainty. May Allah the Al-Mighty help us in achieving our aim! So if you share our dreams; welcome onboard

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Scope of IJP

  • To promote useful original research in all fields of medicine related to pathology.
  • To publish interesting case reports in all fields of medicine particularly pathology.
  • To challenge the “established” pathogenesis and present alternate hypothesis based on morphological and other evidences.
  • To present reviews on important and burning issues to provide readers the updated understanding of the subject.
  • Since there are very few journals on pathology, covering this area, we aim to fill this niche in order to familiarize pathologists, clinicians and other scientists with rare demographically specific entities and their varied presentations.
  • We aim to provide the writers and readers of various countries from all over the world to share their knowledge and experiences.
  • We want to promote ethical and moral values blended with scientific issues in editorials etc to make practice of pathology serve humanity.


International Journal of Pathology (IJP) is a peer reviewed, open access medical journal that publishes scientific research articles related to biomedical sciences. IJP began in 2003 as bi-annual scientific journal. Since then it is regularly appearing and now it is a quarterly journal since 2015. It contains thought provoking editorials, original research articles, interesting case reports, history of science and review articles related to the basic medical sciences, medical & dental specialties, rehabilitation medicine, allied health sciences, public health and medical educational research. The Journal serves as a translational bridge between basic biomedical science and clinical medicine. The journal publishes high-impact research that furthers our understanding towards pathophysiological and patho-genetic mechanisms of human disease. Wholesale disposable vapes

We consider basic, translational and clinical investigations that directly address the mechanisms of pathogenesis or provide a foundation for future mechanistic inquiries. Example of such foundational investigations includes data mining, identification of biomarkers, molecular pathology and discovery research. Foundational studies that incorporate deep learning and artificial intelligence are also welcomed. High priority is given to studies of human diseases and relevant experimental models using molecular, cellular and organismal approaches. It seeks to publish high quality original papers on scientific advances in the translation and validation of molecular discoveries in medicine into the clinical diagnostic settings.