History of Science Must be Included in Curricula

  • Anwar Ul Haque Memphis, TN, USA


We are all living history. We are making history, every day, We are all living history. We are making history, every day, good or bad. We also learn from history; what mistakes we and others made and how to avoid those mistakes? What we and other people did good; we must learn from them too. We learn from all mistakes, all ill planning, all ill actions no matter and all good acts who committed; and if we don’t do that then we commit the biggest blunder. Wisdom is a believer’s lost possession which he/she must pick up from any place he finds, said the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Fortunately, Muslim history of education, civilization, research, science, and medicine had been extremely bright. Muslim Golden Age began with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was born in a place that was quite behind in terms of education, science, and research. Muhammad (PBUH) received final divine Quran from the God all mighty, the book that took the Muslims to the skies in no time. The seeds put by Quran giants in all disciplines of science and social sciences were born and foundations of all modern sciences were laid down; on which modern sciences were built. The modern medical system (Allopathic system) is entirely created by Muslims including modern hospitals, medical colleges & universities, pharmacology, all branches of medicine & surgery, hygiene & public health, and nursing as well medical licensing. That glorious Golden Age also pulled the West out of Dark Ages and enlightened them with renaissance and industrial revolution. The Golden Age saw entire Muslim society becoming electrified and extremely craving for knowledge that had unsatiable passion for research and inventions. They had literally climbed over the stars and encircled the earth. How and why? These questions could only be answered by the honest study of the history.2,3