Step by Step Instructions to Utilize Gagne's Model of Instructional Outline in Educating Psychomotor Aptitudes

  • Danish Ali Khan Department of Medical Education
  • Iqbal Wahid Department of Anatomy Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar
  • Sultan Zeb Department of Anatomy Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar


Abstract: Gagne's nine steps is an instructional framework to achieve better learning results, Applying Gagne's
nine steps model is a superb method to guarantee a successful and methodical learning program as it offers
structure to the lesson designs and encompassing all prospects to education. Simulators fall into the broad context
of simulation-based medical education (SBME). It uses simulative guides with a specific end goal to upgrade the
instructive message by reenacting the clinical situation. Reenactment gadgets fill in as a contrasting option to the
genuine patient and allow teachers to increase full control of a pre-chosen clinical scene without the danger of
upsetting patients or experiencing other unsafe part of learning on genuine patients. It isn't contrasting option to
bedside educating but instead correlative expansion. It became an integral part of the medical curriculum, across
all medical professions and throughout medical careers. It will be incorporated as the leading standardized
performance assessment method of health professional’s competencies