Validity of Mean Platelet Volume to Detect Hyperdestructive & Hypoproductive Thrombocytopenia in Tertiary Care Setting

  • Wardah Aslam Department Of Pathology, Noori Hospital Islamabad
  • Maryam Habib Faculty Of Pathology Shifa College Of Medicine
  • Mobina Ahsan Dodhy Faculty Of Pathology, Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot
  • Masooma Shaheen Department Of Pathology, District Headquarter Attock
  • Madiha Habib Faculty Of Dentistry, University Of Malaya, Malaysia
Keywords: Thrombocytopenia, hyper-destructive & hypo-productive thrombocytopenia, Mean platelet volume


Objective: Determine the validity of mean platelet volume (MPV) to detect hyper-destructive & hypoproductive
thrombocytopenia, keeping bone marrow aspiration and biopsy as gold standard.
Study Design: Cross sectional (Validation) study.
Material and Methods: A total number of 147 patients of thrombocytopenia were enrolled.CBC of the patient
was done using an EDTA sample. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy was also performed. Keeping aspiration
results as gold standard specificity and sensitivity of MPV was validated in diagnosing the type of
Results: Mean platelet volume has a Sensitivity 95%, Specificity 15.7%, Positive Predictive Value64%, Negative
Predictive Value 69.2% in detecting Hyper-destructive thrombocytopenia. It has a Sensitivity of 15.7%, Specificity
95.5% with a Positive Predictive Value of 69%and Negative Predictive Value of 64% in detecting Hypoproductive
Conclusion: Mean platelet volume has limited sensitivity and specificity and can be used as an initial indicator
but bone marrow aspiration and biopsy remains the gold standard for distinguishing between hyper-destructive
and hypo-productive thrombocytopenia.