Three Dimensionalities (3 Ds) of Healthcare: need to modify Medical Curricula

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Three Dimensionalities (3 Ds) of Healthcare: need to modify Medical Curricula

Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, AJK University Muzaffarabad

The healthcare is simply not confined to the treatment of body ailments! Neither healthcare is limited to making
sure availability of doctors and drugs. Healthcare is far wider, broader and deeper; profoundly dependent on quantity
and quality of the personnel, budget, efficiency and effectiveness of the systems and overall morality of .the
country. There are numerous positive and negative influencing and determining factors. No doubt doctors are the
key members of the Healthcare providers, but even the best trained and competent doctors may not be able to deliver
if other essential ingredients are not met. They may even be forced to leave the institution and the country.
Poor remuneration, pathetic law & order situation, killing of merit in appointments and promotions and corruption
& embezzlement are some of the factors for exit of the healthcare workers. Ironically the beneficiaries of this brain
drain are the powerful and rich countries; some of which may be responsible for the miseries of the poor countries
in the first place! And sufferers are the poor, ill managed and exploited countries. All money and resources spent
on healthcare workers production particularly doctors may be wasted.


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