The Nature and purpose of Research

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The Nature and purpose of Research

Farwa Rizvi Department of Community Medicine,Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad, Pakistan.

As Medical professionals, many of us will also be producers of research, either as part of our formal educational experience or as an expectation of our employment.Research is a process of Sys-tematic, and Scientificcollection, analysis and in-terpretation of dataso as to find solutions to a problem.1 To try to publish a paper in a top-rated peer-review journal can be a difficult and frustrat-ing experience for authors.2Acknowledging the fact that how critical it is for scientists to have strong writing skills, it seems paradoxical that the teaching of writing is not central to science edu-cation. One of the best opportunities that under-graduates have to learn to write like a scientist is to write a major research paper or thesis after participating in a faculty-mentored undergraduate research experience.3 Selecting a research topic involves Brain storm-ing, Literature search, appropriate resources and funds, Budget and Time allocation, Formulation of Research Objective. A research paper is an es-sential part of academics. The center of a re-search paper comes from sources. The sources should be cited and actively discussed within the text of the paper.


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