Septoplasty as a Daycare Surgery

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Septoplasty as a Daycare Surgery

Muhammad Farooq
Department of ENT Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College Muzaffarabad

Abstract: Presently Septoplasty is being performed as admitted case by most of Otorhinolaryngologists and anterior nasal packaging is applied for about 24 hours, which is not free of complications.
Objective: To study the significance of early (after about 4 hours) removal of nasal packing after Septoplasty and its feasibility as daycare surgery.
Patients and Methods: This was a prospective and experimental study conducted on 100 patients for 18 months, who were operated for symptomatic deflected nasal septum (DNS). Patients were randomly divided into two equal groups. In Group-A admitted patients, after septoplasty nasal packing was removed after 24 hours and in Group-B after septoplasty, it was removed after about 4 hours; allowing patients to go home after 5-6 hours. Patient’s discomfort caused by nasal packing was evaluated by means of a visual analog scale from zero to 10. Post-operative complications of septoplasty were also compared in both groups.
Results: Patients discomfort score due to nasal packing and complications of septoplasty were found significantly less in Group-B as compared to Group-A.
Conclusion: Early removal (after about 4 hours) of nasal packing following septoplasty was more comfortable and beneficial as compared to removal of nasal packing after 24 hours. It also made septoplasty a day care, more cost effective and convenient operation.
Key Words: Deflected nasal septum, Septoplasty, duration of nasal packing, trans-septal suturing, nasal discomfort score, complications, nasal splints, daycare surgery.


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