Schwannoma of Cheek Mucosa

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Schwannoma of Cheek Mucosa

Anureet Kaur, Puneet Kaur and Rimpi Sarin

Department of Pathology, Giansagar Medical College and Hospital, Banur, Dist Patiala, Punjab

Abstract: Schwannoma is a relatively uncommon, benign, encapsulated, slow growing, usually solitary tumour that originates from Schwann cells of the nerve sheath derived from the neuroectoderm. Only 1% of Schwannomas have intra-oral of which most common site is tongue followed by the palate, floor of mouth, buccal mucosa, lips and jaws. We report a case of Schwannoma in cheek mucosa within oral cavity which was surgically removed and on histopathological examined revealed Schwannoma with Antoni A and Antoni B patterns with Verocay body formation.

Keywords: Schwannoma, cheek mucosa


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