Research Guide: Essentials of Good Research

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Research Guide: Essentials of Good Research

From this issue onward, we will present pertinent features of good research. The best and the most productive era of the fundamental research took its roots in the days of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ . That big bang of the Science occurred because of the final and eternal divine book Quran. As Muhammad ﷺ left this world, we witness mushrooming of Great Scientists in almost all fields of life. While Muslim society was glittering with light of education and research, the other part of the world was living in dark ages. Many things which we take as granted today would not be here if that era didn’t occur. For example, we will not be having Arabic number i.e. from Zero to infinite. And then forget all phone numbers, computers etc. and even page numbers. Can you imagine that? Computers would not be here not only because of lack of numbers but also simply there would be no plastic due to absence of sulfuric acid. Not only that lack of algorithm would have made it impossible. There would not be cheap paper. No watches and no cameras, no eyeglasses. There are literally zillions of things we can pin down here but that is not the objective of this article.


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