Men; not Bricks & Cement make Great Institutions

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Men; not Bricks & Cement make Great Institutions

Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, Faculty of Health Sciences, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir,

The time is witness that the great institutions are made by great people. Bricks and cement do not create institutions let alone the great ones. Simi-larly great institutions are ruined by dishonest, incompetent and corrupt people. When you kill the merit you kill the institution and you strangulate the nation.
We see such happenings routinely in 3rd World countries! 3rd world countries are “3rd” because of their own deeds and also because of collective policies of international ruthless and anti-ethical forces to keep them in that position in order to exploit them dishonest and incompetent rulers in every field! The evil forces try to bring the most incompetent and the most dishonest persons on the top positions in order to exploit the institutions for their own “benefit” on the expense of destruction of the institutions. In doing so they cut down the branches on which they are sitting. When Muslims founded the most civilized world, the entire world benefitted and is still benefiting. Just imagine taking back of all Muslim inventions and you will find yourself in the dark ages without Arabic numbers, no decimal system, no glasses, no watches, no cameras, no telescope, no petrol, no diesel, no sulphuric acid, hence no plas-tic & no batteries, no chemistry, no physics, no hospitals, no universities, no medical colleges, no hospitals, no astronomy and of course no re-freshing coffee to name the few. The Islamic rule was balanced and healthy as it not only catered for rapid growth of material and natural sciences but also provided substantial solid spiritual and ethical backing. Thus the sciences were kept on right tracts without derailing it under the weight of lust, greed, materialism and fabrications. But now in so called modern world the material growth is unbalanced; often driven or controlled by lust, greed, fear, insatiability, fabrications and deceptions.
In many so-called 3rd World Countries Govern-ments and Institutions are directly and indirectly controlled through appointing the most corrupt, the most incompetent and the most coward; ready to take dictations and ready to surrender. This control is exercised from the top global level; coming down through state and individual insti-tution level. Many a times Chief Executive of Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals are those who had some personal links or connections with high ups. Seeing all these, future aspirants of high positions instead of doing hard work spend all their energies and time on developing connections with those who matter most. They will bend forward and backward to please these people. These connections not only place these incompetent people on higher positions but also protect their all wrongdoings; a perfect recipe for continuous worsening and annihilation of institutions.


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