Medical Ethics: Understanding, Teaching and Practice

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Medical Ethics: Understanding, Teaching and Practice

M Iqbal Khan

Shifa Tameer -e- Millat University Islamabad Pakistan


Ethics is a word derived from the Greek ‘ethikos’ which means a study of the principles of living. Ethics now has become to mean ‘a set of rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession’. Medical Ethics deals with the moral principles that medics should follow in their professional life. The scope of medical ethics is wide and inclusive of developing codes and guidelines, promoting ethical practices and preventing ethical breaches. It also includes the physicians’ relationship with patients, colleagues, members of the related industry, and at large, the society and the nation or the state. Ethical environment pays in terms of good standards, fine practices and special care by physicians. Essential elements of this environment are professional competence, good collegial and patient relationship along with compliance of other professional and ethical obligations.


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