International Journal of Pathology-Volume 12(2) July-December 2014

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International Journal of Pathology-Volume 12(2) July-December 2014


Medical Education: Traditional System vs. Integrated System
Anwar Ul Haque
Original Artcles
Size and Duration of Multinodular Goiter Predicts Its Toxicity
Abdul Khalid, Murtaza Bukhari, Kh. Imtiaz Ahmed and Ashfaq Ahmed
Surveillance of Device-Associated Infections in Critical Patient Care Areas
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan
Pathological Changes in Soft Tissue Associated with Impacted Third Molars
Rabia Anjum, Nadia Naseem, Mohammad Usman Ahktar, A.H Nagi
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Musculoskeletal Lesions
Shaukat Hayat Khan, Iffat Ara, Anwar Ul Haque, Zayad Afzal Kayani
Prevalence of Endocrine Complications in Transfusion-Dependent Beta Thalassemic Pakistani Patients
Itrat Fatima, Naila Yaqub, Tazeen Anwar, Yasir Bin Nisar, Sadaf Khalid and Sara Gilani
Usefulness of Bone Marrow and Pattern of Morphological lesions in Patients of Chronic Renal Disease
Hamna Alvi, Lubna Naseem, Khalid Hassan
Case Reports
Steroid Flare Reaction; a Complication of Intraarticular Steroid Injection
Madiha Haque and Anwar Ul Haque
Transformation of Polycythemia Vera into Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Zahida Qasim, Lubna Nasim, Roshan Parveen
Acute Monocytic Leukaemia with Reactive Plasmacytosis
Mobina Ahsan Dodhy, Maryam Habib, Masooma Shaheen, Masood Abassi
Quiz Case
Uterine Mass! Spectrum of Disease
Rehan Wazir Khawaja
History of Science and Medicine
Muhammad al-Idrisi
Father of Modern Geography and Maps
Anwar Ul Haque