Hospital Waste & It’s Management

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Hospital Waste & It’s Management

Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.
What is Waste? It is Relative Term!
There is nothing as waste in the universe!
If it is waste for someone, it is treasure for another!
Animal waste is a good nutrition for the plants which
in turn provide food for the animals. This is the system
of All Mighty Allah Ta’lah which is based on utmost
wisdom and there is no partner to Him. If there wasn’t
a world of microbes, we would have seen the dead
bodies of birds and animals all over and all around,
and the oceans would have been full of corpses of fish
and other sea animals. There would have been such a
foul smell that living would have become extremely
uncomfortable and painful. We would have been
deprived of enormous amounts of oxygen which are
produced by microbe world and that is so vital for
our survival! Allah Ta’lah has bestowed upon man
intellect and wisdom and it is only natural to use these
virtues. Not using these faculties is not natural but
rather farthest away from nature and quite unnatural!
We may thus define waste as something which is
temporarily useless and may pose dangers if not
properly disposed off to let it complete its natural
cycle and circle.


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