Histopathological Evaluation of Colorectal Carcinomas Status in Manipur, India

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Histopathological Evaluation of Colorectal Carcinomas Status in Manipur, India

Rajesh Singh Laishram, Nisa Kaiho, Rachel Shimray,Sorokhaibam Babina Devi,Pukhrambam
Punyabati,Durlav Chandra Sharma

Objective: To study the distribution of colorectal carcinomas (CRC) with special emphasis on age, sex, site and histological grading.
Study Design: Retrospective study.
Place & Duration: Department of Pathology, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal, Manipur, India, from January 2004 to December 2009.
Materials & Methods: Materials were collected from subjects first diagnosed as colorectal carcinomas in histopathology section and then the medical files were reviewed. Variables like age, sex, religion, relevant past / family history, tumor location, disease stage (Dukes’ staging) were assessed. The findings were then analysed.
Results: There were 54 patients with colorectal carcinomas during this 6 year period. 29 cases (53.71%) were males while 25 cases (46.29%) were females with a male to female ratio of 1.16:1. The disease was most commonly seen between 60-69 years age group. The rectum was the most common affected site contributing to 53.71% (29 cases) followed by ascending colon with 12 cases (22.22%). 38.88% of lesions (21 cases) were stage C and above i.e. involvement of local lymph nodes and distant metastasis. When we compared patients above 50
years of age to those under 50 years of age, we found that the disease usually presented with poorer grades of differentiation and more advanced stage in those below 50 years compared to those above 50 years.
Conclusions: This study showed that bowel cancers are not rare as previously believed. Routine screening for bowel cancer in all risk patients should be carried out regularly so as to detect cancer early.
Key Words: Colorectal cancers, Dukes staging, metastasis


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