Hepatitis: New Challenges and Horizons

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Hepatitis: New Challenges and Horizons

*Khalid Bukhari and **Anwar Ul Haque
*(Ex-Prof of Pathology, Rawalpindi Medical College)
**Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Liver
is most miraculous organ. Its one cell surpasses
all the man made industries on earth by super flying
colors. It has numerous functions. So when liver
is sick, we get really worried. Luckily there are
effective immune defence mechanisms which remove
the viral particles and lead to complete recovery in
many cases. The credit is sometimes claimed or
attributed to quakes, drugs, diet and other forms of
treatment. However in many cases active treatment
is required when in built natural modalities don’t
protect and cure.


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