Editorial: Storage of Information on Neuronal DNA; a Novel Logical Notion

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Editorial: Storage of Information on Neuronal DNA; a Novel Logical Notion

Anwar Ul Haque

Diplomat American Board of Pathology, Fellow College of American Pathologists

Department of Pathology, Northwest School of Medicine, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan

Man (Both man and woman) is the crown of God’s creature. He has been given man the ability to acquire, retain and reproduce immense knowledge as has been well described in the final ever fresh and ever preserved divine book Quran.1 This capability was demonstrated in front of the angels and then angels were ordered to prostrate in front of Adam. All angels did but the Satan who was although not an angel but used to spend time among them refused to do so. He was arrogant and asked permission from the God to allow him to make man go astray. The permission was granted as the God had given enough intellect and wisdom to man to stay away from being slave of the Satan.1 Where that information of all things was stored in Adam’s brain, is still a big question. An although we do have all that information, but we can’t reproduce that, and we have to re-search that knowledge.

The question is still very valid where our brain stores all the knowledge and how our brain converts that knowledge into thoughts, ideas, speech and writing. Then of course neurons generate that knowledge and thoughts through chemical mediators and electrical impulses which are carried to various other neurons through axons via synapses. Almost all the work so far carried out is focused on the synapses and their plasticity. Short term and long-term memory are said to be dependent on this plasticity i.e. weakening or strengthening through repeated impulses or lack of impulses. Sleep seems to play very important role in coordination between hippocampus and cortex. 2,3


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