Dengue Fever! Need to educate and prepare

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Dengue Fever! Need to educate and prepare

Lubna Naseem
Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad

In the last few months, Pakistan had several natural calamities. The southern parts of Pakistan faced flooding
and subsequent population migration. Then came the worst ever outbreak of Dengue Fever in the recent
history of Pakistan. This came at a time when the health services were struggling to help the flood affected.
Awareness about simple preventive measures like self protection by insect repellents and providing
nets to those in the affected areas could have saved many from this otherwise preventable illness. Moreover
the lack of knowledge also created a scare leading to anxiety and at times anger directed at those looking
after the patients. The relatives were so afraid of the name of the disease as if it was a death sentence or an
incurable fatal illness.


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