Corruption in the Government Hospitals

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Corruption in the Government Hospitals

Anwar Ul Haque

Corruption in Government Hospitals is very common particularly in third world countries. Corruption starts from the top places. Corrupt elements in the Governments of powerful countries, World Health Organization (WHO), Local Governments, Ministry of Health, Multinational Companies, Non Governmental Organizations, Secret
Organizations and powerful Media; all play their role in misdirecting the health budget of Government Hospitals toward rich and powerful and away from the poor and weak. They snatch away the big chunk of whatever little health budget is destined for the poor patients. Corrupt society leads to the appointments and assignments of
corrupt, incompetent and impotent people who destroy the systems through their actions and inactions. Corruption in the Government Hospitals ravages and desolates the Pathology Department affecting its all activities! In order to have sound and blissful healthy systems there is dire need to fight materialism and greed by all sane and honest people of the society through instillation of high moral and ethical values at all levels and in all spheres of the society. This will Insha Allah improve the conditions of the Government Hospitals which are supposed to serve
poor and middle class patients.
Key words: Corruption, Government Hospitals, World Health Organization, Media, Multinational Companies


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