Astroblastoma: A Rare Glial Tumor

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Astroblastoma: A Rare Glial Tumor

Ayesha Sarwar and Anwar–ul-Haque
Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.
Report of A Case
A five years old girl presented to hospital with
weakness of right side of the body for one month.
Weakness was sudden in onset and initially it was in
the right upper limb. Three days later right lower limb
was also affected. CT scan showed a supratentorial left
parietal lobe space occupying lesion with solid
component measuring 6×5 cm with specks of
calcification. Little mid perifocal vasogenic edema was
present with mid line shift to the right. The patient
underwent temporoparietal craniotomy and excision
of the tumor.


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