Abu Marwan Abd Al-Malik Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) (1091-1161 C.E.)

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Abu Marwan Abd Al-Malik Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) (1091-1161 C.E.)

Modern Islam beginning with Quran and the final Prophet Muhammad ﷺushered the new horizons of modern sciences and medicine! It took the sciences out of Greek myths into real life with missile speed. The seeds implanted by the Quran and the final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ soon bore fruits as Islam provided the required soil of tranquility, truth, courage, generosity, sincerity, hard work and humanity for healthiest growth of science. As a result big ban occurred not only in field of exact and natural sciences but almost in all fields! Soon numerous stars or giants were born in every field. We then see great names like Jabir bin Hayan, Ibn-e-Sina (Avisina), ar-Razi, Ibn Rushd and Ibn Haytham. One of these giants in medicine, surgery and pathology was Ibn Zuhr. In West his name was distorted variably to Avenzoar, Abumeron, Abynzoar, Abhomeron, Alomehón or Abhomjeron.


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