About Us

International Journal of Pathology (IJP) began in 2003 as bi-annual scientific journal.. Since then its is regularly appearing and now beginning 2015 its a quarterly journal. It contains thought provoking editorials, original research, interesting case reports, history of science and review articles.

IJP is a journal with a vision and a mission! Our vision and mission emanates from the most brilliant and glittering seven centuries of sciences (8th-14th centuries) when big ban occurred in the universe of science laying down foundations of all modern sciences ! That glorious era is known for the most conducive and nurturing environment for healthiest growth of sciences! The magnificent period was characterized by utmost honesty, courage, humility, tranquility, peace, justice, and immense craving for research & exploration among people! The entire society was geared toward acquiring knowledge, sharing and spreading knowledge and training. No surprise for the first time in the history of mankind properly organized universities were founded, some at the hands of women and some of which are still after 1200 years granting degrees! Hospitals and medical colleges were built for the first time and proper medical licenses were issued under supervision of Khalifa or the ruler himself! Seems fairy tales and disney world but that world existed and the biggest proof of that is the modern sciences in the West. This period also witnessed the “maddening love” of the rulers for patronizing the science and the scientists! They spent almost all their wealth on education and research. These great patronizers of sciences included Ma’moon Rasheed, Slahuddin Ayyubi and Mehmood Ghaznawi! When man for the first time began using modern Arabic numbers saying goodbye to V=5 and X=10! When algebra brought the infinite world into the grip of man and decimal system remarkably facilitated the calculations! When geometry made it easy for man to accurately measure the diameter of earth while sitting on a rock in Kallar Kahar; somewhere midpoint of Islamabad and Lahore! When al-Bairuni; a great scientist fully sponsored by Mehmud Ghaznawi not only measured earth’s diameter but also chalked out the orbits of the stars! When sciences of Chemistry, Physics, and modern Medicine were born! When Geography, Sociology and even Travel sciences took their roots! When small towns in Muslim Spain had more than 400 paper manufacturing factories!

The International Journal of Pathology tries to follow straight and most blissful path of holistic medicine of that period of Ibn-e-Sina (Avisina), Ibn-E-Haytham, ar Razi, al-Khwarzami and abul Qasim az-Zaharawi! In this journal you will find beautiful blending of soul, mind, body, self, community and society; we are, hence not merely talking about pathology of the body but also the pathology of all those areas!

Pathology is called the backbone of medicine so IJP will inshallah be the backbone of modern medicine; a big claim indeed but thats our vision and mission; towards which we are taking small steps with confidence and certainty. May Allah the all Mighty help us in achieving our aim! So if you share our dreams; welcome onboard!