Ventilating Anterior Nasal Packing after Septoplasty

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Ventilating Anterior Nasal Packing after Septoplasty

Muhammad Farooq

Department of ENT, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College, Muzaffarabad


Abstract: Anterior nasal packing after septoplasty is commonly employed by most of otorhinolaryngologists for haemostasis and splintage action. However it has complications which are usually manageable but rarely can become fatal particularly in high risk patients.

Objectives: Present study was aimed to find out significance of ventilating nasal packing after septoplasty to minimize complications of nasal packing.

Patients and Methods: This prospective and comparative study was conducted in one hundred patients to find out the benefits of ventilating anterior nasal packing after septoplasty, as compared to conventional nasal packing for 24 hours. These patients were divided randomly by odds and even serial numbers into two equal groups. Group-A included 50 patients who received ventilating nasal packing while Group-B consisted of 50 patients who received conventional nasal packing after septoplasty. The symptoms and complications of nasal packing were recorded and compared in both groups.

Results: Ventilating anterior nasal packing after septoplasty in Group-A showed significantly less discomfort and complications as compared to conventional nasal packaging in Group-B patients.

Conclusion: Ventilating anterior nasal packing served all functions of packing like hemostasis and splintage action as well as prevented most of its complications particularly related to nasal obstruction.

Keywords: Ventilating anterior nasal packing, conventional nasal packing, septoplasty, postoperative complications/discomfort, Breathing straws, Endoscopic septoplasty, limited septoplasty.


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