Tuberculosis of Cervix; a Rare Clinical Entity

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Tuberculosis of Cervix; a Rare Clinical Entity

Uzma Nabi *, Fozia Umber **, Muhammad Nafees*, Nadia Khurshid**
*Department of Pathology & ** Department of Gynecology and Obstetrictis Rashid Latif Medical College & Arif
Memorial Hospital, Lahore.

Abstract: Tuberculosis of the cervix is a rare disease and accounts for 0.1-0.65% of all cases of
tuberculosis and 5-24% of genital tract tuberculosis. We present an unusual case of a 28 years old female
who presented with chief complaints of lower abdominal pain, irregular bleeding and foul smelling
discharge per vagina for last two years. Cervical examination revealed an unhealthy looking cervix
which bled on touch. A provisional diagnosis of carcinoma of cervix was made. However,
histopathology of the cervical biopsy revealed granulomatous lesion suggestive of tuberculosis. The
patient responded to anti-tuberculosis therapy. In women with an abnormal cervical appearance, there
should be high index of suspicious of tuberculosis of cervix, especially from areas where Tuberculosis is
common as it can be treated easily and successfully.
Key words: Tuberculosis, Cervix, Carcinoma.


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