Teaching Non Science and Nonsense as Science

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Teaching Non Science and Nonsense as Science

Anwar Ul Haque

Human beings are bestowed with super intellect and astuteness along with capability of acquiring, retaining and reproducing all knowledge. The an-gels who are manager of day to day affairs are made to bow down and obey man. Man can con-quer the world but not the Satan, the rejected one! Indeed he can easily become its slave and then Satan can use man’s intelligence, brain power, knowledge and “wisdom” for evil and destruc-tion. The man by following satanic path reduces himself to the lowest of the low and can do unbe-lievable frauds based on absolute lies and fabrica-tion! One of the most glaring examples of such is Darwinism and theory of evolution! Both of these are not based on any solid scientific grounds and evidences! Their flaws are quite obvious but yet these theories are widely accepted by many people thanks to powerful media and unified textbooks engaged in deliberately propagating outright lies and deliberate fabrications!


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