Teaching and Training in Chemical Pathology/ Clinical Chemistry

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Teaching and Training in Chemical Pathology/ Clinical Chemistry

Asma Cheema & Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical College, Muzaffarabad-AJK

Teaching and training in Chemical Pathology or Clinical Chemistry as known in USA deserves our review.The chemical pathology produces the largest volume of tests in the Pathology Department; the number runs in millions in any large Hospital. This service of the pathology helps almost all branches of Medical Sciences.The Consultants heavily depend on the laboratory results to confirm or exclude the disease entities as well as to monitor the progress of the disease. In order to have the results reliable and dependable the total quality management must be in place under active supervision of appropriately trained pathologist.Furthermore appropriate interpretation followed by relevant comments of the pathologists on the reports where necessary may help and guide direct management
of the patients.


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