Editorial Strict Accountability & Self Improvement are the Keys to the Success

  • Anwar Ul Haque


Who are applying these golden principles of success today? So called Muslim world or non- Muslim world Sad to say these principles are mostly applied by several non-Muslim nations e.g., USA. Of course, not in all fields but only in certain areas. Even though it is partial implementation; mostly limited to the society working atmosphere, it is reaping enormous benefits. You will see feedback about services in every field form post office to doctor’s clinic. Everybody is held accountable and at multiple levels. How doctor talked to you? What do you think about facilities and then further dissection covering every aspect of the services. Based on these feedbacks and appraisal persons are promoted, demoted or fired.

Now compare this to a developing country e.g., Pakistan. Here every rule is broken by a single phone call from high ups. Here appointments are often made by cruelly crushing all standards and procedures. Not only in Governmental institutions but also in some high fame private institutions. So, the results are not surprising; we are being destroyed bit by bit and piece by piece. We heavily pay every day and at every step. We have for example very high incidences of airline and railway accidents. Many patients succumb to poor treatment and management at the hospitals. Our land and airspace are used for attacks on Muslims in a neighboring country and our country is infested by foreign controlled terrorist mafias and our budget is sucked by IMF and other global money landers. On the other hand, West not benefitting from Quran also suffers in areas of family life, drugs and uncalled wars.

Solution is same for both i.e., divine guidance. We must adopt and implement the principles of merit and accountability in every sphere of our lives. To implement and infuse Quran in our lives, we must understand it. Sadly, the theocracy has no interest in teaching Quranic Arabic as they have taken religion as profession and money making rather than purifying the society.