High Heels and Low Back Pain in Young Female Students

  • Iqra Nadeem Department of Physical Therapy, Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha
  • Muhammad Kashif
  • Sidra Mushtaq
  • Rumaisa Hussain
  • Nimra Naseem
  • Haider Darain
  • Danish Khan
Keywords: Low Back Pain, High Heel, Foot Wear, Fashion Heel


Objective: Prolonged use of high-heeled shoes is considered a possible cause of low back pain in female students. The aim of study is to investigate the association between high heels and low back pain

Methods: A cross-sectional survey based on a standard self-reporting questionnaire was conducted among 50 female university students (aged 18-28 years) mean 21.1 years and mean height 5.1 feet using high heels of GCU Faisalabad. Purposive sampling technique was used to. Out of 50 students wearing high heels, 28 (56%) students were suffering from low back pain. Pearson Chi-Square test was applied.

Results: Statistical analysis showed significant association between high heel and LBP, p=0.001. Coefficient of contingency=0.567 indicated strength of association is intermediate.

Conclusion: This study also revealed that students who wear high heels for 2 or more years suffer from a bit of lower back pain and that the height of the heel increases the incidence and the intensity of pain increases as well