Editorial Policy

  1. International Journal Pathology (IJP) welcomes high quality useful original research articles and interesting case reports
  2. The article may be submitted on our email (editijp@gmail.com), on website (www.jpathology.com) or by post (House # 116, St. 49 Fll/3, Islamabad, Pakistan); however, the article must accompany a soft copy
  3. The article is checked for compliance with the "Instructions to the Contributors" and must include informed consent, undertaking form duly signed by all authors, declaration about conflict of interest and funding source. Universal ethical compliance as given in Helsinki declaration and when appropriate certificate of hospital ethics committee.
  4. Role of each and every author must be clearly specified. Without significant contribution in terms of original idea, formulation of research strategy and active participation person's name must not be included. Out of field persons may also may not be included. Relatives, friends and heads of the departments or institution without active contribution do not merit as authors
  5. After receiving article, we will acknowledge and inform you if there are deficiencies in submission
  6. One or more of the subject expert members of the editorial board will determine the originality and authenticity of the research.
  7. Articles not meeting the minimal requirement of an original research papers are rejected after initial evaluation. If the article seems to have value and fulfills the minimum acceptance criteria, it will be forwarded to 2 external reviewers for in depth review. While submitting the article to reviewers identity of the authors and institution are concealed in order to have unbiased review and a detailed structured reviewer form is attached.
  8. he articles are published only when all the objections of the reviewers are amicably resolved, otherwise the article is rejected.
  9. f there is a conflict among reviewers, then the Chief Editor will make the final decision
  10. The Chief Editor is final authority in such matters.
  11. The articles requiring statistical analysis and evaluation are sent to the dedicated Statistical analyst and their suggestions and recommendations are considered by the Editorial board and conveyed to the authors
  12. As IJP is absolutely non-profit we only charge a minimal amount once the article is accepted for publication! This amount goes for publication and review expenses. Editors do not receive any compensation