Medical Education: Traditional System vs. Integrated System

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Medical Education: Traditional System vs. Integrated System

Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology
AJK Medical College, AJK University, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir

There are many institutions where education is still imparted in traditional pedagogy style! There is subject oriented lec-turing without integration with other subjects, clinical corre-lations and clinical scenarios. The student is often lost amidst encyclopaedic facts! Even learning objectives are not provided! The major emphasis had been on passing the ex-aminations rather than acquiring useful knowledge and learning the skills! Without knowing the usefulness of the objectives and relevance to real life, the student if often bored and looses attention and concentration. There is no spark and motivation for research. Many such flaws and inadequacies of this system were realized and hence inte-grated system of education with horizontal and vertical inte-gration of the subjects was introduced! Integrations is natu-ral just like an embryo with simultaneous coordinated growth of all organ systems! The integration makes “dull boring subjects” meaningful and interesting as it instils the purpose of learning!
In integrated system fundamental teaching strategies include small group discussions, large group interactive sessions and problems solving teaching! These are all aimed at better focusing of the students on the topics and letting their minds work free and wild to search themselves both the problems and the solutions! Here the role of facilitators also becomes pivotal and central! He is not supposed to be a mere passive listener!


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