Kaposi Sarcoma—Need for High Index of Suspicion in Low Prevalence Areas

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Kaposi Sarcoma—Need for High Index of Suspicion in Low Prevalence Areas

Ambreen Moatasim*, Ikram-ullah**, Anwar Ul Haque*
Department of Pathology* & Dermatology**, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.

A 63 old year male presented with an 8 month history of raised nodules and plaques, purplish in
color, on face, trunks and extremities. The lesions were non pruritic and symptom less. Patient visited different hospitals where he was treated with the suspicion of tuberculosis and leprosy. However, no improvement was observed. On the basis of clinical suspicion of Kaposi Sarcoma, a skin biopsy was performed. Histopathological examination of the skin biopsy revealed a diffuse spindle cell proliferation within dermis. On high power examination there were slit like vascular spaces lined by endothelial cells. The
surrounding stroma showed extravasation of RBCs and hemosiderin laden macrophages. On the basis of histopathological findings a diagnosis of Kaposi Sarcoma was rendered. Patient however, denied any
history of sexual contact or blood transfusion. HIV screening was positive for AIDS.


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