Is Pathology a Basic Science Subject?

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Is Pathology a Basic Science Subject?

Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, Faculty of Health Sciences, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir,

It is shocking to see that pathology is not included among Clinical Science Subjects by Pakistan Medi-cal & Dental Council (PMDC). It’s included among Basic Sciences while Radiology is considered a clinical subject by PMDC!
It is well known that pathology is the backbone of medicine. It not only relates with all disciplines of medicine but many a times it plays key role in es-tablishing the diagnosis and imparting the most appropriate and most optimal management of the diseases. Training in pathology encompasses thorough and sound clinical training. No pathologist could discharge his duties without vigorous routine interaction with his colleagues in different areas of medicine and surgery. He must have in depth and clear understanding of the disease, their impact and management on patients, relatives, society and the world. Without active participation in numerous intra and interdepartmental weekly conferences, seminars and meetings one can’t even dream to become a pathologist. These dynamic interactions are lifelong useful learning and teaching tools. A com-petent and vibrant pathologist can play important rule not only in diagnoses but also in management of the diseases. It therefore does not make sense to exclude pathology from the clinical sciences disciplines and characterize it as merely a basic science subject such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.


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