Intra-Abdominal Surgical Gauze Pseudotumor (Gossypiboma) Mimicking A Dermoid Cyst

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Intra-Abdominal Surgical Gauze Pseudotumor (Gossypiboma) Mimicking A Dermoid Cyst

Al-Farah RehmatUllah *, Samia Shuja** ,Sanaullah Gazozai*
*Department of pathology, BMSI, JPMC.,**Department of Obstetrics& Gynecology, JPMC

Retained surgical sponge or gossypiboma in the abdominal cavity following surgical operation is an avoidable
iatrogenic complication, which is underreported in the literature because of medicolegal implications. Such complication can lead to serious morbidity and even mortality because it is not anticipated and is frequently misdiagnosed. In most instances, the retained foreign body induces a foreign body reaction which causes infection or abscess formation in the early post operative period; however pseudotumor formation rarely occurs in long term
retention. Here, we describe a case of surgical gauze induced pseudotumor following an emergency hysterectomy
conducted in a peripheral hospital one year ago. Clinical picture and imaging findings were suggestive of
dermoid cyst in lower abdomen. After laparotomy, gross and histological examination revealed an inflammatory
pseudotumor due to gauze piece. We suggest that when an intraabdominal mass presents with a previous operative
history, foreign body pseudotumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
Key Words: gossypiboma, foreign body, surgical gauze, pseudotumor


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