International Journal of Pathology-Volume 5(1) Jan-June 2007

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International Journal of Pathology-Volume 5(1) Jan-June 2007


Lymphoma in Situ (LIS) (Page No: 1)
Anwar Ul Haque
Original Artcles
Lymphoma in Situ: Gradual Dysplosia to Frank Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Page No: 2-8)
Anwar Ul Haque and Ambreen Moatasim
Diagnostic Value of Oil Immersion Lens Microscopy in Determination of Nuclear Features in Urothlial Carcinoma (Page No: 9-12)
Sabana Malik and Anwar Ul Haque
Spectrum of Morphological Changes induced by Helicobacter Pylori in Chronic Gastritis (Page No: 13-17)
Shagufta Naeem, Anwar Ul Haque and Aneela Riyaz
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of H.Pylori in Isolates from Northern Pakistan.(Page No: 18-20)
Irfan Ali Mirza*, Sajjad Hussain Mirza** and Arif Maqsood Ali***
Prevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infections in Health Blood Donors in Rawalpindi District, Pakistan – A Five Year Study (Page No: 21-25)
Zeeshan Tariq Khan, Shiba Asim, Zubair Tariq, Imran Ali Ehsan, Rizwan Asif Malik, Beenish Ashfaq and Abbas Hayat
Comparison of Serum Ferritin Levels in Three Trimesters of Pregnancy and their Correlation with Increasing Gravidity (Page No: 26-30)
Naghmi Asif, Khalid Hassan, Shaheen Mahmud, Hassan Abbass Zaheer, Lubna Naseem, Tahira Zafar and Rabia Shams
Case Report
Presacral Ganglioneuroblastoma: A Tumor at Unusual Site (Page No: 31-33)
Ambreen Moatasim, Anwar Ul Haque and Nusrat Bokhari
Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis: Report of a Case
Khurshid Ahmad, Athar Saeed Dil*, Ijaz Ahmad, Shagufta Hussain,
and Noor Khan Lakhnana
An Unreported Case of Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (Page No: 34-36)
Khurshid Ahmad, Athar Saeed Dil*, Ijaz Ahmad, Shagufta Hussain,
and Noor Khan Lakhnana
Juxta-clavicular Beaded, Micropapular, Epidermal Hyperplasia, are all Cases Due to Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia? (Page No: 37-40)
Khalid Mahmood
Dermatopathology Quiz
Khalid Mahmood*, Zeba Munzar** and Nighat Shafiq*
Positive Syphilitic Serology in a Pregnant Woman with History of Recurrent Abortions
History of Science and Medicine
Mohammad Bin Musa Al-Khawarizmi: Father of Modern Mathematics
Anwar Ul Haque