International Journal of Pathology-Volume 10(2) July-Dec 2012

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International Journal of Pathology-Volume 10(2) July-Dec 2012


Need for Animal Experimental Studies
Anwar Ul Haque
Teaching and Training in Chemical Pathology/ Clini-cal Chemistry
Asma Cheema & Anwar Ul Haque
Original Artcles
Prevalence of Autonomic Neuropathy in poorly con-trolled Diabetics
Munazza Nazir, Haider Z Baqai, Syed Ibrar Ali Shah and Mohammad Tariq Baqai
Thoracentesis of Large Volume Tuberculous Pleural Effusions
Abdul Khalid Awan, Mohammad Tariq Baqai, Murtaza Bukhari
Informed Consent for Surgery: Who is Consenting?
Ziyad Afzal Kiyani and IrumGilani
Bacterial Spectrum and Susceptibility patterns of Pathogens in ICU and IMCU of a Secondary Care Hospital in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan
Assessment of Ventricular Dysfunction by BNP in Correlation with Echocardiography
Jabar Ali, Muhammad Irfan, Shazeb, Adnan Mehmood Gul, Iftikhar Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Hafizullah
Case Reports
Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome in association with port wine spot
Abdul Khalid Awan, Mohammad Mohammad Tariq Baqai, Murtaza Bukhari
Appendicular Diverticulosis
Hafeezuddin and Bushra Parveen
Adrenocortical Tumor In Children – Report of a Case
Mansoor Mahmood, NadeemAkhtar, Saqib Ismail, SheemaLuqman and Yazeed Owiwii
Intra-Abdominal Surgical Gauze Pseudotumor (Gossypiboma) Mimicking A Dermoid Cyst.
Al-Farah RehmatUllah , Samia Shuja ,Sanaullah Gazozai
Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix
Ambereen A Imran, Sarosh Majeed Salaria*
Review Article
Blood Safety Projects in Azad Jammu & Kashmir: Review of the Strategic Process
Irum Gilani and Ziyad Afzal Kayani*
History of Science and Medicine
Ibn-e-Battuta: The Greatest Traveller who made Travel a true Science & Art! (Morocco 1304-1369)
Compiled by Lubna Naseem and Dr. Anwar Ul Haque