International Journal of Pathology Volume 1-2003

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International Journal of Pathology Volume 1-2003


Teaching Strategies in Pathology
Anwar Ul Haque

Problem Based Learning in Pathology – An Alternative to the Traditional System
J. F. Wazir, and N. A. Ansari
Original Artcles
Value of Touch Preparation Cytology in Intraoperative Consultation Diagnosis of Astrocytomas
Humaira Nasir and Anwar Ul Haque
Markers of Viral Infection in Haemophiliacs
Maryam R Tarar, Naumaan A Malik, A S Chughtai
Bone Marrow Fibrosis (BMF): A New Proposal for Grading System
Birgees Mazhar Kazi*, Faiza Kazi**, Masood Anwar***
A Twenty Two Year Survey of Mycotic Infections in Peshawar Region
Taj B Uppal* and Raza Muhammad Khan**
Incidence and Intensity of Soil Transmitted Helminths in A Rural Area of Lahore
R Hafeez, Z Tahir, A S Chughtai
The Effects of Lindane on Rabbit Hemopoietic System: An Experimental Study
Naumaan A. Malik* and A.S. Chughtai
Animal Model of Human Disease Post Splenectomy Septicemia in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Anwar Ul Haque
Review Article
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) – An Overview
Nadeem Ikram; Khalid Hassan*; and Samina Tufail
Case Report
Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma of Stomach with Scattered Reed Sternberg Resembling Cells
Anwar Ul Haque*, Yusf Al-Gindan**, Mona Hassan Ismail**
In Situ Hemorrhage
Anwar Ul Haque