Frequency of Tobbaco use in Different Occupational Groups of Peshawar

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Frequency of Tobbaco use in Different Occupational Groups of Peshawar

Jabar Ali, Mohammad Faheem, Adnan Mehmood Gul, Shahzeb, Sayed Farahat Abass and
Mohammad Hafizullah
Cardiology Department Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Pakistan

Background: Tobacco use is rapidly prevailing globally. There is no large scale planned study available to know
the status of tobacco use in our country.
Objective: Estimate the frequency of various forms of tobacco use in different occupational groups of district
Material and method: A total of 2548 subjects belonging to different occupations including both male and female
were randomly recruited for the study.
Results: Out of a total 2548 persons with median age 37 ranged (12-82) years, there were 1799 non-tobacco users
and 749 were taking tobacco in different forms. The overall frequency of tobacco usage in our society was
determined as 29.4%. Cigarette smoking is the most popular tobacco used by Pakistani followed by naswar. The
naswar is highly liked by cooks (31.5%), followed by sweepers (30.3%), prisoners (28.3%), dairy workers (22.42%)
and teachers (7.32%).
Conclusion: Tobacco use is very common (29.4%) in different occupational groups of Peshawar. The crude and the
most dangerous form of tobacco (naswar) is still under use of


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