Fibromatosis of Small Intestine in Children

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Fibromatosis of Small Intestine in Children

MansoorMahmood, NadeemAkhtar, Abdul Hameed,IsrarZahir, M. Zaheer Abbasi
Department of Pediatric Surgery Children Hospital, Pakistan Institute of medical Sciences Islamabad Pakistan

Abstract:Fibromatosis is a rare spindle cell lesion which can at times present as tumor which is char-acterized by the remarkable proliferation and invasive growth of fibrous tissue. It often arises from the abdominal wall or the extremities and rarely from the mesentery and abdominal organs. The patient was 9 year old child with major complaints were on & off abdominal pain and mass in lower abdomen. She underwent exploratory laprotomy, with excision of mass and end to end anastomosis.
Key words: abdominal fibromatosis, GI Tract.


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