Editorial: Need for Faculty Development Programs in Medical Colleges

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Editorial: Need for Faculty Development Programs in Medical Colleges

Institutions are made from people and not from bricks and cements. Even single great individual can change the course of the history. Divine guidance had been documented to bring fundamental changes! The best and the most authentic evidence comes from the example of the final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ whose influence is not only well documented but also well recognized even by learned non Muslims! Michael Hart’s book on 100 most influential people therefore rank him # 1 in the list. The seeds of human development which was sown in his life time through final divine book Quran and his wise, honest and dedicated explanation of the Quran through deeds and words brought the big bang in the universe of science. This can be seen in the 8 most glittering centuries of human history i.e. 600-1400.  Imam Malik; a single individual teacher at Great Masjid (mosque) of the Prophet ﷺ in Madinah Munawwarah  produced such great patrons of sciences as Ma’moon Rashid who nurtured, patronized and supervised the great culture of scientific work. Famous Muslim conquerers such as Slahuddin Ayyubi and Mehmood Ghaznawi are known for their bravery and great war abilities but most people are unaware about their great contributions as most generous patrons of sciences.  Ma’moon, Ayyubi and Ghaznawi had madly love for education, science and research and this is all blended with humility and softness in their character toward common man.  Had these individuals not properly trained we all might still be living in dark ages! Their generosity and selflessness had no match. Little they spent on themselves; Salahuddin Ayyubi for example did not perform hajj, a muslim obligation for those who can afford its expense; a middle class person easily can afford but Ayyubi did not have even that money for himself and he didn’t dare to use state money for that purpose! Mehmood Ghaznawi likewise was found of getting talented scientists to help and groom them. He succeeded in getting great scientist al-Baironi but failed to get Ibn-e-Sina for that he was even ready to go on war with Iran of that time! Lesson is simple unless you invest in people you will not build institutions and you will not have balanced terrific growth in field of science and humanity together!


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