Differential PTEN Protein Expression in Angiogenesis

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Differential PTEN Protein Expression in Angiogenesis

Luoquan Wang, M.D.* and Constantine A. Axiotis, M.D.**
* Department of Pathology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx;
** Department of Pathology, Downstate Medical Center and the Kings County Hospital Center,
Phosphatidylinositol (PI) 3-kinase mediated
intracellular signal transduction regulates
angiogenesis. The tumor suppressor gene PTEN
product has been shown to down-regulate PI 3-kinase
signaling, suggesting possible regulatory role of PTEN
in angiogenesis. However, the expression of PTEN
protein in neovascularization in various physiological
and pathological conditions has yet to be studied. We
studied the PTEN protein expression in blood vessels
of fetal and adult tissues, reparative granulation
tissues, hemangiomas and tumor stroma. PTEN was
differentially expressed in fetal blood vessels. PTEN
immunostaining was strongly positive on fetal
capillaries and vascular wall of medium and large fetal
vessels, but was negative on endothelium of medium
and large vessels, endocardium and myocardium.
Capillaries and large vessels in chorionic villi
were positive for PTEN immunostaining. PTEN
immunostaining was negative on different-sized
adult blood vessels, weakly positive on hemangioma,
and blood vessels of granulation tissues, and weakly to
moderately positive on tumor stromal vessels. The
data suggests that PTEN participates in regulation of
angiogenesis in wide range of physiological and
pathological conditions.
Angiogenesis is


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