Current Medical Curriculum and Teaching Strategies in the Eyes of Students

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Current Medical Curriculum and Teaching Strategies in the Eyes of Students

Anwar Ul Haque*, Mudassira*, Muhammad Iqbal Khan**, Syed Irfan Ahmed***,
Rameez Iqbal Hashmi**** and Lubna Naseem*
* Department of Pathology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
** Department of Surgery, International Islamic Medical College
*** Department of Medicine, Rawalpindi Medical College
**** Department of Anatomy, International Islamic Medical College

Continuous self assessment and improvement
is a sign of living nations. If amount of time and
energy are properly used and appropriate teaching
strategies are used, quality of the doctors can be
improved markedly. There is a constant and ongoing
need to assess the efficacy of the curriculum, teaching
strategies and the ethical values in order to be
sure that our doctors are fully and adequately
trained in all aspects. The entry into the medical
college is highly competitive and therefore our
medical students constitute the cream of the nation in
terms of intelligence, hard work and motivation. The
students overcome the gross and severe deficiencies of
medical education system by their natural abilities and
hard work; but at the same time this masks the
deficiencies in our medical education system. This is
gradually deteriorating the quality of doctors being


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