Blue Nevus of the Cervix, an Unusual Lesion – A Case Report

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Blue Nevus of the Cervix, an Unusual Lesion – A Case Report

Sevinç Şahin*, Selda Seçkin* and Levent Seçkin**
*Department of Pathology and **Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Faculty of Medicine, Bozok University Yozgat, Turkey

Blue nevus is a cutaneous melanocytic lesion characterized by the proliferation of dermal dendritic melanocytes. In addition, blue nevus also has been rarely reported in various extracutaneous sites which are usually devoid of melanocytes such as oral mucosa, lymph nodes, maxillary sinus, pulmonary hilus, orbit, conjunctiva, meninges, vagina, prostate, spermatic cord, and cervix. It is suggested that these lesions may originate from either Schwann cells of the stromal nerves or from melanocytic precursors migrated from neural crest. Herein, we present a rare case of blue nevus both in the uterine cervical stroma and in the cervical polyp. Only about 100 cases have been reported so far.
Key words: Blue nevus, cervical blue nevus, cervical polyp, melanocytes, Schwann cells.


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