Appendicular Diverticulosis

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Appendicular Diverticulosis

Hafeezuddin and Bushra Parveen
Department of pathology CMH Muzaffarabad

Diverticulum of the vermiform appendix is an uncommon but interesting problem. The diagnosis is seldom made
before operation, and the condition may not even be recognized by the surgeon at the time of operation. Right
hemicolectomy has sometimes been done because of a mistaken diagnosis of carcinoma. 1Therefore appendicular
diverticulosis mostly comes as a surprise. Appendiceal diverticulum is classified either as congenital or acquired
form like other intestinal diverticulum2.It may be inflamed or not, with or without appendicitis. We report a case
of a 40 year old male who presented with right iliac fossa pain for one day. On the basis of examination and lab
investigation a provisional diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made and appendectomy was performed.
Peroperatively a bulbous swelling of the tip of appendix was noticed and carcinoid tumour was suspected.
Microscopic examination revealed acute appendicitis as well as two appendicular lumina in the tip of appendix.
Both the lumina were bounded by all the four layers of appendix.
Key words: Appendix, Diverticulosis, Neoplasm, diverticulitis


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