A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction

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A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction

Mansoor Mahmood, Nadeem Akhtar, Saqib Ismail, Dinar Mehmood, Israr Zahir and M. Zaheer Abbasi
Department of Pediatric Surgery Children Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad

Abstract: Angio neuronal dysplasia is relatively rare condition of stomach and intestine which is combination of
two conditions angio and neuronal dysplastic changes followed by abdominal pain and intestinal obstruction.
The current case presented sub acute abdominal obstruction. We present a case of angio- neuronal dysplasia of
terminal ileum and cecum with an unusual mechanism of intestinal obstruction.
Key Words: Angio dysplasia, Neuronal dysplasia, GI Tract.


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